Bouncy Castles (Small-Size)

  Theatre Slide & Hoop Bouncer   (Small-Size)

Price : HK$3,600

# BSB1

Dino Hauler Bouncy Castle with Ballpit (Small-Size)

Price : HK$3,900


Airflow Bouncer with Slide 


Price : HK$2,900

# BSB3

4 in 1 Play Center with Ball Pool (Small-Size)

Price : HK$3,800

# BSB4

Happy House Jumping Castle with Ball Pool (Small-Size)

Price : HK$3,600

# BSB5

Pink Jumping Castle with Slide (Small-Size)

Price : HK$3,200

# BSB6

Space Invader Bouncer 


Price : HK$3,600

# BSB7

Out of Stock

Bubble Bouncer with Ball Pool (Small-Size)

Price : HK$3,600

# BSB8

Princess Bouncer


Price : HK$2,600

# BSB9

Clown Bouncer


Price : HK$2,600

# BSB10

Skykids Airplane Jumping Castle with Ball Pit (Small-Size)

Price : HK$2,600

# BSB11

         Monster Bouncy Castle             (Small-Size)

Price : HK$2,900

# BSB12

Out of Stock

           Football Bouncy Castle             (Small-Size)

Price : HK$2,900

# BSB13







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