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Frequently Asked Questions

Children Play Equipment Rental

Children Play Equipment Rental

Hygiene & Cleanliness


All BOUNCY KIDS bouncy castles and toys are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each use. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, healthy, and safe environment in which to play. In addition to cleaning, we also safety check and troubleshoot all equipments before they go out to another client. This way, you are always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean and in good working condition.


In order to secure the bouncy castles and/or toys of your choice especially for your private parties and corporate events on weekend and public holiday, we highly recommend bookings are made at least 2 weeks in advance of the party or event date. 2

For delivery, installation & collection by BOUNCY KIDS team, we require full payment to confirm booking.


For collection & return by the hirer, we require advance payment of $1,000 refundable deposit plus the full rental amount of one bouncy castle rental.


You can make your reservation directly by filling out our online Booking Form, or sending us email at

Rental Period & Reporting of Damaged Rental Unit

For delivery, installation & collection by BOUNCY KIDS team, all bouncy castles and toys except battery-operated cars are for 3 hours rental unless otherwise stated. This rental period is for your exclusive use of the designated unit(s) and does not include the installation and collection time. The rental period can be extended with a surcharge of 20% of rental unit charge per hour. If the rental time finishes at or after 8:00pm, a surcharge of $120 will be levied.   

For collection and return by the hirer, all bouncy castles and toys are rented out for 24 hours unless otherwise stated. If any bouncy castles and other units are not returned to our warehouse within the designated return time (e.g. between 10:30am and 11:30am the following day), a daily surcharge of $800 for each bouncy castle rented will be levied. In case of any problem area found on our bouncy castles and other accessories  (such as a hole on the bouncy castles or broken pieces on any rental units), the hirer must report to BOUNCY KIDS within 2 hours after collecting the bouncy castles and other rental units from BOUNCY KIDS warehouse. The hirer is required to take a photo of the problem area on the rental units and send it to BOUNYC KIDS for inspection immediately by email at or whatsApp on 9228-5772. If the hirer doesn’t report the issue to BOUNCY KIDS within 2 hours after collecting the bouncy castles and other rental units, BOUNCY KIDS may deduct a partial or full amount from the refundable $1,000 deposit to compensate for the damage of any bouncy castles and rental units. 


For delivery, installation & collection by BOUNCY KIDS team, full payment is required as a deposit and the bouncy castle(s) and/or toy(s) designated by you will be reserved for your party or event. The remaining 50% payment should be settled by cheque or in cash on delivery.  

For collection & return by the hirer, a full payment of total rental amount plus a refundable $1,000 deposit for each bouncy castle is required and the bouncy castle(s) and/or toy(s) designated by you will be reserved for your party or event. A cheque on the refundable $1,000 deposit will be sent to your home address by mail within 7 to 10 working days after the bouncy castle(s) and/or other rental unit(s) are returned to our warehouse without any defect within the designated return time.

BOUNCY KIDS reserves the 5-day period inspection right to examine any rental unit after the units are returned by the hirer.



Delivery/Installation/Collection Fee

We will deliver our units to clients in all districts with a minimum rental order of HK$1,300 per booking. The rental price displayed on our website does not include the delivery/installation/collection fee. The delivery/installation/collection fee will vary depending on the party/event location. For detailed charges, please refer to our Delivery Fee Table.   

Deliveries which require stair-climbing, steep slope, and long distance walking between loading/unloading area and venue, will attract additional fees. The additional charge is HK$80 per 44kg per floor or per way.

Postponement & Cancellation

Postponement - We are pleased to offer our clients an alternative date without any penalty for the hire of our bouncy castles, toys and/or services provided that (i) the guest of honor falls sick and (ii) the typhoon or strong wind signal no. 8 is hoisted on the party day. 

Cancellation - All bookings are non-refundable after confirmation. However, the deposit paid can be kept for next party without time limit.

Please note that our bouncy castles and toys will ONLY be set up in an indoor venue in the event that the rain has been forecasted for the day of the order. 

Rules Governing the Safe Operation of Bouncy Castle

In order to keep our kids safe while having fun in our bouncy castles/inflatables, parents‘ or adults’ supervision is required and necessary at all times. As the lessee of the inflatable unit(s), the safety of children and riders is your responsibility. Please position yourself in close proximity of the unit(s) at all times. As the lessee of the unit(s), you are also responsible for the complete safety and security of the leased unit(s).


  • The inflatable that is used outdoor should not be operated if the weather is in rain or lightning conditions.

  • All riders must remove their shoes and socks must be worn at all times for sanitary reasons. "Grippy bottom" socks make it easier to climb.

  • Riders must remove or loose sharp objects including plastic, glasses, and dangling jewelry.

  • No pets, animals, confetti, candy, food, drink, or gum in the inflatable.

  • No toys or sharp objects are allowed in the unit. 

  • No water in or around the unit unless it is a water inflatable. The inflatable can become very slippery and unsafe. 

  • No flips, roughhousing, or horseplay should be tolerated.

  • No climbing on the walls, nets, (nets can and will rip and will result in a fine) or roof is allowed inside or outside of the unit.

  • In the event that the unit has an inflatable slide, riders shall not jump from the platform of the slide onto the jumping area nor should they jump down the slide.

  • No silly string allowed in or around the unit.

  • Women who are pregnant or people with pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease or pre-existing injuries should not be allowed in or on the inflatable unit at any time.

  • Children and unauthorized personnel must be kept away from the inflatable blower as well as the electrical supply cable and plugs at all times.

  • No smoking, matches, tiki lights, fireworks, anything hot or anything on fire should not be used in or around the unit.

  • Only the same ages and sizes of groups shall play in the inflatable at the same time. 

  • Do not remove the inflatable from its original position. If the unit moves, please exit all riders and push/pull it back in its place on the tarp using corner straps.

  • No alterations in or attachments to the unit are allowed at all.

  • The event location must be flat and free of rocks, twigs, animal droppings and debris to ensure the safety of the jumper and its riders.

  • If unit starts to deflate, all persons must exit immediately.

Care of the Rental Equipment

Hirer shall be responsible for any and all damage to any of the rental play equipment not caused by ordinary wear and tear. "Ordinary wear and tear" shall mean only the normal deterioration of the rental play equipment caused by ordinary, reasonable and proper use of the rental play equipment. Hirer shall be liable to BOUNCY KIDS for any and all damage (e.g, missing parts, broken pieces, punctures, tears, etc) which is not "ordinary wear and tear" in an amount equal to the twice of the rental equipment value. If a bouncy castle/accessory/toy is damaged by the hirer and can no longer be used for rental, the full retail price of the unit will be borne by the hirer. BOUNCY KIDS reserves the 5-day period inspection right to examine any rental unit after the unit is returned by the hirer. Should the rental unit found to be damaged, BOUNCY KIDS is entitled to claim the relevant monetary sum from the hirer. 


Release of Liability


HIRER agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless BOUNCY KIDS, including its officers, employees and/or agents from any injury, damages or claims that result from HIRER negligence including any injuries, claims or damages asserted by HIRER guests, invitees or third parties. HIRER agrees not to hold BOUNCY KIDS, including its officers, employees and/or agents liable or accountable for any costs arising out of or in connection to attorney’s fees and/or claims brought up in court involving the use of any BOUNCY KIDS Unit(s).

Terms & Conditions

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Copyright Notice

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