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Delivery Fee Table

For Rental - Delivery Fee (Includes Installation & Collection)

For Buying - Delivery Fee

Rental Standard Includes :

  • Toys and play equipment two-way delivery fee

  • Tunnel or toll fees where applicable (except Discovery Bay)

  • Toys setup, dismantling, and cleaning fee  

Rental Standard excludes :

  • Stair-climbing, steep slopes, or long distance between loading/unloading area and venue, which require extra manpower. An additional fee of $300 will be levied.

  • Any vehicle parking or entrance fee at the venue. Parking fee will be collected from the hirer after the setup is completed.

  • A surcharge fee of $120 will be levied if the party or event is finished at 8:00pm and after.  

Notes :

  • A minimum rental order of $1,300 per booking (excluding the delivery/installation/collection fee) is required.

  • Our regular mode of delivery is the delivery van. Should a delivery TRUCK be needed instead due to the number and/or bulk of the items rented, the extra delivery fee will be levied.

Happy Store & Super Clown & Mega Slide
Jumbo Ball Pool 6
Puppy Land
Little Tikes 4
DSC04070 1
Dragon Age
Tables & Chairs
Sunset Glow Ball Pool 3
Scamble N Slide Play Center
13 in 1 Knights Temple 2
Suer Fun Play Center
Shark Club
Mega Slide 1
Giraffe Jungle Fun
Airflow Bouncer
Obstacle Course
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