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Happy Hopper with Slides N Ball Pit (#MB2)

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The Happy Hopper 13ft Bouncy Castle has plenty of bounce with a dart, two slides, a whole load of climbing, a bucket load of tunnel crawling. A ball-pit with a toss and basketball style shoot-hoop provide yet further scope for bouncy fun and the games with this outstandingly versatile play set will keep even the most rowdy of children entertained. It comes with 50 colorful balls.

-- Setup and take-down done outside rental period



  • Please note the venue's size and ceiling height. 

  • For the party with ten kids or more, two bouncers or larger-size bouncer is suggested. 

  • Electricity outlet is required for continuously inflating the bouncer. 

  • Parents' or adults' supervision is required and necessary at all times. 

  • No staff on-site after setup. If needed, hourly charged party assistant can be requested for supervision of play and as party's helper. 

  • Additional rental hour at 20% surcharge. 

  • Product photos for reference only.




Rental Price









Space Required

Maximum Load

Max. Weight Per Player

Max. Loading


2 to 6 Years Old


  : HK$1,680

  : 3 Hours

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  : 4.0m (13ft)

  : 3.5m (11.6ft)

  : 2.3m (7.6ft)

  : 160 sq.ft.

  : 100lbs (45kg)

  : 300lbs (136kg)







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