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Spooky Haunted House Castle (#CB1)

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This Spooky Haunted House Castle is the perfect addition to any Halloween, or Spooky themed event! Kids will love entertaining this Spooky-Looking Castle and jumping amongst the jack o lanterns, monsters, flying bats, mummies, witches, and ghosts. A great thrill with inflated slide, inflated obstacles and activities located inside of the module. A climbing latter, pop up inflatable obstacle, and of course jumping room for kids to enjoy. This Spooky Haunted House Castle is a great one especially for corporate, charitable, or school events.

-- Setup and take-down done outside rental period



  • Please note the venue's size and ceiling height. 

  • For the party with ten kids or more, two bouncers or larger-size bouncer is suggested. 

  • Electricity outlet is required for continuously inflating the bouncer. 

  • Parents' or adults' supervision is required and necessary at all times. 

  • No staff on-site after setup. If needed, hourly charged party assistant can be requested for supervision of play and as party's helper. 

  • Additional rental hour at 20% surcharge. 

  • Product photos for reference only.




Rental Price









Space Required

Maximum Load

Max. Weight Per Player

Max. Loading


3 to 10 Years Old


  : HK$5,000

  : 3 Hours

  : Click Here

  : 5m (16.4ft)

  : 4.8m (15.7ft)

  : 3.6m (11.8ft)

  : 340 sq.ft.

  : 150lbs (68kg)

  : 750lbs (340kg)







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