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Thomas The Train Up & Down Roller Coaster (#RC1)

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Kids will love to ride the rails with the Thomas the Train Up & Down Coaster. Two non-slip steps lock securely into a four piece track allowing for access from both sides. The fully assembled car has a high back, handrail and foot rests for a secure ride. The recessed retainer wells hold the coaster car in place until your child is ready to roll. With over nine feet of up and down riding track, the fun is endless. Toddlers and children will also develop their balance and coordination during their play as they climb, ride, and push off for a fun and amazing ride on their favorite friendly character. It is a great toy for birthday parties and any kid's events.

-- Setup and take-down done outside rental period



  • Parents' or adults' supervision is required and necessary at all times. 

  • No staff on-site after setup. If needed, hourly charged party assistant can be requested for supervision of play and as party's helper. 

  • Additional rental hour at 20% surcharge. 

  • Product photos for reference only.



Rental Price









Maximum Load

Max. Loading


2 to 5 Years Old


  : HK$600

  : 3 Hours

  : Click Here


  : 110 inch

  : 27 inch

  : 12.8 inch


  : 55lbs (25kg)








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